CrossFormed Kids

CrossFormed Kids

Each Sunday morning, kids in Kindergarten through fourth grades are dismissed from the worship service to go to CrossFormed Kids. CFK is a discipleship learning tool for families and kids, which leaves a strong Biblical foundation of God's story and how Jesus fulfills all of God's promises. It is described as a journey toward the cross. Each week a question and answer are discussed, and parents who have subscribed (subscriptions are made available through the church) have the same material to review and talk about throughout the week that was discussed on Sunday. There are six cycles, each made up of eighteen weekly lessons. Each week there is a song to help remember the Q and A, a lesson, and an activity or craft.

Sunday, March 27

Question: What Torah did God give to King David in his special promise? 

Answer:  God gave King David the Torah for all mankind.

Sunday, April 3

Question: How was God's promise to David a Torah for all mankind?

Answer: God promised that King David's son would be a king for all mankind.

Sunday, April 10

Question: How did God promise to love the king? 

Answer:  God promised to be a father to his son, the king.

Sunday, April 17

Easter - No CrossFormed Kids (kids singing in the service)

Sunday, April 24

Question: Who was the greatest king for God's people?

Answer:  King Jesus, the son of David, reigns forever over all mankind.

Sunday, May 1

Question: What is Israel's blessing as Yahweh's people?

Answer:  Israel's blessing as Yahweh's people is to live together in His land and enjoy His presence.

Sunday, May 8

Question: How did Israel lose Israel's blessing?

Answer: Israel's leaders ignored Torah, and the people departed from Yahweh.

Sunday, May 15

Question: How did Israel depart from Yahweh?

Answer:  Israel abandoned their love of Yahweh to worship the false gods of their neighbors.

Sunday, May 22

Question: What happened when Israel abandoned their God?

Answer:  Israel had a civil war and divided into a northern and southern kingdom.

Sunday, May 29

Question: What did Yahweh's prophets announce to Israel concerning their unfaithfulness? 

Answer:  Yahweh told Israel that He would bring judgment and destruction on them.